Jams & Pickles

September 2014

Woefully out of date again so lets just give a quick overview...

I often make things at the suggestion or request of my customers. Brown sauce, red sauce, raspberry curd and the aubergine, pepper & tomato chutney are all the result of someone having asked me about them - of course I then just had to try making them - and I am glad that I did.

As I like to experiment and try new things, I have made, in addition to the usual jams, chutneys and relishes many jellies, fruit cheeses, curds, flavoured oils & vinegars, pickled local fruits & vegetables, cordials and lots more!
If you are after something unusual just ask and I might be able to oblige.

Several things are so popular that I promise that I will try to have them 'always available'. The problem is, you keep eating them and I cant make them fast enough. Caramelised red onion chutney, courgette relish, pickled cucumbers, apple & chilli jelly and brown sauce are all taken almost as fast as I can make them and the carrot & garlic chutney and banana chutney have become so popular that these too now tend to be snapped up almost before they are ready.


(I insist on keeping my new chutneys for a minimum of 4 weeks before offering them to you, ideally 6!, as they really do improve over time and I dont want to have to ask you to keep them unopened before being able to try them.)

So, come and see me to find out what is ready as it is likely to only be available for a short while before it is all gone.

Email me if you are looking for something specific and I can bring it to one of the markets and have it waiting for you.