Eira at work 'pickling' in her kitchen
Eira at work 'pickling' in her kitchen

Hi, I am Eira and I make jams, chutneys, pickles and other traditional foodstuffs from the kitchen of my Cardiff home.

I just love finding good looking, local, seasonal produce and converting it into something rather special.

My other love in life is talking about converting good-looking seasonal produce into something special so I offer you the chance to partake in both loves of my life by visiting me at a local Cardiff Farmers market near you.

I make a range of jams, jellys, pickles and chutneys in very small quantities as and when the fruit and vegetables come into season.
Generally, once it is gone, it is gone until next season although I do make certain things all year round - and I must admit that the Mangos for my mango chutney are not really that local ;)

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Beautifully photographed by Paula Bailey
Beautifully photographed by Paula Bailey

Made to order

If you would like items specially made, possibly using your own fruit and vegetables or other produce, contact me for a chat.

Freshly Picked

Do you have surplus fruit or vegetables from your own garden or allotment? Do you want it put to good use?

Contact me and find out what I can make for you (ideal for your own 'home made' Christmas presents and gifts).